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Take Control of Your Marketing, Cash, Billing, and Employee Systems, and Enjoy Your Practice More
Take control of your future happiness and build a legacy you are proud of and can leave behind.
Do you feel there aren't enough easy ways to market for new patients?
Want more direct access patients and rely less on physicians? Do you lack the energy or know-how to go grow your clinic? Are you too busy to do what's necessary to connect with your community? Do you get distracted and consumed with all the little things required to run your clinic? Are you not organized enough, outgoing enough, or confident enough to have a super successful practice/business/and life? If you feel this way, you MUST attend this conference.

"This is the only conference I recommend investing your time and money on if you're in private practice. The other ones are a waste of time."
"Get Exciting Tips, Tricks, and Tactics That are Working TODAY and Install Them TODAY. But More Importantly...Get Inspired! 
Here's one example...
Marketing Secrets
What's the fastest way to get more patients? How do I get them without spending a lot of money? What does it take to get physicians referring more?
Internet Secrets
How do I use Facebook, Google and Youtube for more patients? How do I get more patients through my website?
Billing Secrets
What are the best codes? How do I save time billing? How do I train my billing person?
Collection Secrets
How do I get insurances to pay faster? Can I renegotiate my rates? What tools do I need? What are the steps?
Elective Service Secrets
What are the BEST elective/cash services? How do I get people wanting to buy? How should I price them? What do I do?
Cash-Practice Secrets
How do I increase my cash-service sales? What's a simple way to go cash-based? How do I advertise it? How do I get consumers wanting to pay? How do I help patients get reimbursed by the insurance on their own.
Employee Secrets
What's the best way to recruit? How do I get employees wanting to do what I tell them? How do I boost morale? What do I do? What's the BEST way to train staff?
Admin Secrets
How do I get "tasks" off my plate? How do I stay compliant with HIPAA, the board, and audit-proof? What's the best way to do bookkeeping? How do I get rid of the headaches?
Documentation Secrets
Is there a way to cut time, yet stay compliant? What are the biggest mistakes in documentation? How do I train staff to not waste time?
Software Secrets
How should I customize my software? Which software should I use? What apps can help me be more efficient?
Clinical Secrets
How do I eliminate Drop-Offs, No-Shows, and Last-Minute Cancellations? Is there a sequence that WOW's patients for more loyalty? How do I track productivity and increase "Revenue-Per-Slot"?
Profitability Secrets
Is there a way to be more profitable? What am I doing wrong? How do I become a "HIGH" Cash-Flow Clinic?
(Optional) Starting a Practice
Is this a good time to start? What's the best way to start? How much money do I need? What are the big mistakes to avoid?
(Optional) Expanding Your Practice
I want to open another clinic, what's the best way to do it? What mistakes did you make that I can learn from? Is there a way to ensure success?
Sound Too Good To Be True?
See What Others Just Like You Are Doing!
Does this qualify for CEU's?
Yes it does in most states. If your state doesn't allow "retro-credit", it may not apply. If  you have any difficulty getting credit, let us know and we will assist. 
Is this good for OT, Peds and SLP's?
Absolutely. It's great for any rehab therapy practice. The information is universal and applies in any state or country.
How about new practice owners?
It's a must for new practices. The information, tools, and strategies will transform your business and get you results faster.
Will million dollar practices benefit?
Absolutely. Established practices find they improve greatly in productivity, automation and profiting after the conference.
Where do I stay, what hotel?
The venue is at the Best Western Pioneer Inn, 658 Wharf St., Lahaina, Maui, HI 96761. Call (800) 457-5457 and reserve under "IndeFree". It's right on the ocean yet extremely affordable! But you can choose to stay wherever you want since there are many hotels nearby.
When does it start?
It starts 8:00am (Fri) November 3. And we finish Nov 8 (Wed) at 12noon. We meet 3-4 hrs/day so you have plenty of time to play and enjoy Maui. Download the Daily Schedule here.
Will cash-only practices benefit?
Absolutely! Almost everything we cover is essential for maximum success for cash practices.
Can I bring staff?
Yes, it only costs $97 to add staff. It's recommended to bring the ones that help lead and manage your clinic, or simply use this as a reward for a job well done!
Are "legal" aspects covered?
We cover what you need to know about HIPAA, Medicare and Labor Laws, and documentation rules. Don't worry, we got you covered.
What if I enroll but can't make it?
Just give us at least 30-days notice and we'll give you a full refund. If less than 30-days, you get full credit toward any IndeFree product, coaching, service, or training.
"It helped us go from no clinic to 2 clinics!"
- Jeff Hohman, Hohman Rehab of Florida
Maui, Hawaii
Nov 3-8
(Half-Day Schedules So You Can Play!)
Best Western Pioneer Inn
658 Wharf St.,
Lahaina, Maui, HI 96761.
(800) 457-5457
*Reserve Under "IndeFree"
Early-Registration Discounts Now Available!
Add-a-Buddy for Only $97
Prior Attendees Only $100
(REG. $697)
  • 6 Half-Day Conference (Fri-Wed)
  • Step-by-Step Workbook
  • Copy of Essential Tools
(REG. $897)
  • 6 Half-Day Conference (Fri-Wed)
  • Step-by-Step Workbook
  • Copy of Essential Tools
  • Advanced Tools
  • Electronic Version of All Tools
(REG. $1,197)
  • 6 Half-Day Conference (Fri-Wed)
  • Step-by-Step Workbook
  • Copy of Essential Tools
  • Advanced Tools
  • Electronic Version of All Tools
  • Practice Analysis
  • Strategy Session w/James*
  • Bring Staff (up to 3)
*Strategy session with James Ko includes a Practice Assessment, Solutions Action Plan, and a 60-min face-to-face session.
Register today to take advantage of the great savings before it's gone.
"We are a thriving clinic with 2 OTs, 2 SLPs, and a PT looking to hire more.... I can't imagine being here without the proper support and motivation from the IndeFree community." -Chris Lopez
Free Bonus #1
($297 value)
This Step-by-Step Workbook helps you to easily implement the strategies covered in the course. It includes checklists, sequences, and detailed explanations of every step. Super nice! It also includes sample forms, templates, ads, legal disclaimers, and everything else you need to effectively implement the learning. It's a treasure chest of goodies only available to conference attendees. It will be provided at the conference.
Bonus #2
($497 value)
Membership to the PPS2.0 exclusive members only community. Get help from your peers long after the conference. Join a group of the most giving, sharing and successful practice owners in the country. We always post updates here as well.
Bonus #3
($997 value)
Free access to the "PPS2.0 Secret Vault" for PRE and Post Conference Training! Videos, tutorials, checklists and more.
Instructed by James Ko, PT
James failed in his first practice but that failure gave him deep insight that very few people have. He turned it around and opened over 7 more practices, and is now embarking on a national chain. Author, speaker, founder of IndeFree, "TRANSCEND" ClinicalEX Bootcamp, APC11, APCMM, "Cash Client Revolution", IndeOffice, IndeHUB, IndeAdvertising, and IndeNotes. Contributor to "Atlas of Clinical Gross Anatomy" which is used in top medical schools across the globe. He's a black belt, former powerlifter, speaker, teacher and more. He loves yoga, reading, guitar, and playing with Mac and Cozy (his babies).
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Get a Great Discount and an Unprecedented 30-Day, 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee
I feel so strongly that this conference will transform your practice that I'm offering a 30-day, No strings, 100% money-back guarantee.
If you don't see results in your clinic within 30-days of going home from this conference, send us an email explaining how you used the learning and why it didn't work for you.

I'll refund every penny of what you paid. And I won't take it personally.

And for any reason if you can't make it, after you've already registered, and you cancel within 30-days of the event, I'll refund your money. No BS.
Endorsed by the Top Practices in the U.S.
The Venue
Best Western Pioneer Inn
658 Wharf St.,
Lahaina, Maui, HI 96761.
(800) 457-5457
*Code "IndeFree"
Airport: Kahului (OGG)
This beautiful hotel is right on the water with spectacular views. The super low price makes it an amazing deal for our attendees. But you gotta book now because they sell out quickly.

You wake up to the beautiful ocean breeze and sounds.

It's a quick walk to breakfast, coffee, and shopping.
You are near everything on "Front St".

We've been going to this venue for the last 15 years and it's simply an amazing location. We love it!
(Hotel Discount code provided after registration.)
What You Can Expect
Attendees report significantly higher cash flow, increased patient volume, less daily fires, better performing staff, no more late nights, less anxiety and fears, and higher confidence towards their future after leaving this conference.
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